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Theory of Computation

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1 Introduction pdf ps
Problems & algorithms pdf ps
2 Algorithmic constructs pdf ps ps
More algorithmic constructs pdf ps
3 Recursive definitions pdf ps ps
Recursive algorithms pdf ps
4 Formal languages pdf ps ps
Programming languages: syntax pdf ps
5 Programming languages: semantics pdf ps ps
Introduction to correctness pdf ps
6 Bank Holiday Mock class test
The syntax of propositional logic pdf ps
7 The semantics of propositional logic pdf ps ps
Propositional logic metatheory pdf ps
8 Formal deduction pdf ps ps
Formal and informal proof pdf ps
9 Program specifications pdf ps ps
Floyd-Hoare logic for partial correctness pdf ps
10 Floyd-Hoare logic for conditionals pdf ps ps
Invariants of loops pdf ps
11 More on invariants pdf ps ps
Total correctness pdf ps
12 Correctness in practice pdf ps
Class Test
13 Analysing algorithm complexity pdf ps
Algorithm complexity pdf ps
14 Algorithms with exponential complexity pdf ps ps
Algorithms with logarithmic complexity pdf ps
15 Asymptotic analysis pdf ps ps
Problem complexity pdf ps
16 Tractable and intractable problems pdf ps ps
Graph problems pdf ps
17 Reductions pdf ps ps
P and NP problems pdf ps
18 NP-Hard and NP-Complete problems pdf ps ps
Cryptology pdf ps
19 The halting problem pdf ps ps
Other non-computable problems pdf ps
20 Turing machines pdf ps ps
Combining Turing machines pdf ps
21 Extensions to Turing machines pdf ps ps
Another model of computation pdf ps
22 All computers are created equal pdf ps ps
23 Bank holiday
24 Revision
Class Test