Derek Bridge

CS4618: Artificial Intelligence I

Please be aware that I am rewriting the module: do not rely on materials from 2016 or earlier.

Lecture number Lecture description Lecture resources
1 Introduction notes (pdf)
2 Agents notes (pdf)
3 Genetic Algorithms notes (pdf)
4 Reinforcement Learning notes (pdf)
5 Deliberative Agents notes (pdf)
6 Searching State Spaces notes (pdf)
7 More Search Strategies notes (pdf)
8 Pathfinding notes (pdf)
9 Matrices and Vectors notes (pdf)
10 Datasets notes (pdf)
11 Dimensionality Reduction notes (pdf)
12 Non-numeric Features notes (pdf)
13 Clustering notes (pdf)
14 Clustering, continued notes (pdf)
15 Prediction notes (pdf)
16 Data Preparation notes (pdf)
17 Linear Models notes (pdf)
18 Error Estimation notes (pdf)
19 Logistic Regression notes (pdf)
20 Accuracy Estimation notes (pdf)
21 OLS Regression notes (pdf)
22 Gradient Descent notes (pdf)
Jupyter notebooks (02/11/2017) tar
Continuous Assessment, 2017 txt
Marks (pdf)
Sample written exam pdf