Derek Bridge

CS4619: Artificial Intelligence II

Please be aware that I am rewriting the module: do not rely on materials from 2017 or earlier.

Lecture description Lecture resources
Non-Linear Models pdf
Decision Trees pdf
Ensembles pdf
Methodology pdf
Overfitting and Underfitting pdf
Feature Engineering pdf
Regularization pdf
Neural Networks pdf
Neural Network Examples pdf
Backpropagation pdf
The Vanishing Gradient Problem pdf
Overfitting with Neural Networks pdf
Convolutional Neural Networks pdf
Convolutional Neural Networks Example pdf
Pretrained Convnets pdf
Transfer Learning pdf
Recurrent Neural Networks pdf
Recurrent Neural Network Example pdf
NLP pdf
Reinforcement Learning, Again pdf
Conclusions pdf
Sample Exam Q1, Q2 pdf
Sample Exam Q3, Q4
Jupyter notebooks (10/04/2018) tar
Continuous Assessment instructions.txt
Marks (pdf)