Derek Bridge

CS1116/CS5018: Web Development 2

Week Lecture description Lecture resources
1 Introduction html pdf
HTML forms html pdf
2 Form input to server-side programs html pdf
Debugging server-side programs html pdf
3 Validating user input html pdf
Radio buttons and checkboxes html pdf
4 Self-processing pages html pdf
Databases 1 html pdf
5 Databases 2 html pdf
Cookies html pdf
6 Client-side programs in JavaScript html pdf
More client-side programming html pdf
7 Event-driven programming html pdf
Cith sneachta
8 The DOM 1 html pdf
The DOM 2 html pdf
9 JavaScript and forms html pdf
Case Study 1 - User comments html pdf
10 Case Study 2 - Shopping carts html pdf
Case Study 3A - User Authentication html pdf
Bizarre two week break
11 Case Study 3B - Ajax html pdf
Sample Exam Paper Q1 pdf
12 Sample Exam Paper Q2
No lecture
Week Lab description Lab resources
3 Lab1: Form input to server-side programs Lab sheet (html)
4 Lab2: Validating user input Lab sheet (html)
5 Lab3: Self-processing pages and database retrieval Lab sheet (html)
6 Lab4: Database insertion and cookies Lab sheet (html)
7 Lab5: JavaScript and the HTML canvas Lab sheet (html)
8 Lab6: Event-driven programming Lab sheet (html)
9 Lab7: Continuous assessment Lab sheet (html)
Lab Groups (pdf)
Feedback on pdf
Feedback on pdf
Feedback on pdf
Continuous assessment marks pdf