Derek Bridge

Past Teaching

Programming and Web Development

Teaching Materials

General info
Period 1
Week Lecture description Lecture resources Lab resources
1 Welcome lecture No handout Induction
The Internet and the WWW Handout
HTML Handout
URLs Handout
HTTP Handout
2 Structural versus Presentational Markup Handout Induction
Page Structure Handout
CSS Selectors Handout
3 The CSS Cascade Handout Handout
CSS Declarations I Handout
CSS Declarations II Handout
4 No lecture Handout
CSS Layout I Handout
CSS Layout II Handout
5 Images Handout Handout
Accessibility Handout
Cross-Browser Techniques Handout
6 Dynamic Web Pages Handout Handout
PHP: Simple Strings, Sequences and Errors Handout
HTML Forms I Handout
7 Public Holiday Handout
PHP: Variables Handout
HTML Forms II Handout
8 PHP: Strings Handout Handout
PHP: Types Handout
PHP: Type Conversion Handout
PHP: Expressions Handout
9 PHP: Built-In Functions Handout Handout
PHP: One-armed conditional statements I Handout
PHP: One-armed conditional statements II Handout
10 PHP: Boolean operators I Handout Handout
PHP: Boolean operators II Handout
PHP: Two-armed conditionals Handout
11 PHP: Testing and debugging Handout Handout
PHP: Cascading conditionals Handout
PHP: Nested conditionals Handout
12 PHP: Other conditionals Handout
Class test
No lecture
Period 2
Week Lecture description Lecture resources Lab resources
13 PHP: Indexed arrays I Handout Handout
PHP: Indexed arrays II Handout
PHP: Indexed arrays III Handout
14 PHP: Associative arrays I Handout Handout
PHP: Associative arrays II Handout
PHP: Functions I Handout
15 PHP: Functions II Handout Handout
PHP: Scope Handout
PHP: Parameter Passing Handout
16 PHP: Libraries Handout Handout
PHP: Validation of User Data Handout
PHP: For Loops I Handout
17 PHP: For Loops II Handout Handout
PHP: Nested For Loops Handout
PHP: Multidimensional Arrays I Handout
18 PHP: Multidimensional Arrays II Handout Handout
PHP: While Loops I Handout
PHP: While Loops II Handout
19 PHP: While Loops III Handout Handout
SQL: Revision Handout
PHP: Connecting to Databases Handout
20 PHP: Self-Processing Pages Handout Handout
PHP: Sticky Forms Handout
PHP: Database Case Studies Handout
21 PHP: Cookies Handout Handout
PHP: Sessions Handout
PHP: User Authentication Handout
22 WebApps Handout
The Document Object Model Handout
Ajax Handout
23 Public Holiday
Sample exam paper: Question 1
Sample exam paper: Question 2
24 Sample exam paper: Question 3
Sample exam paper: Question 4
Public Holiday