CS1116/CS5018 Lab 5

Exercise A

In your public_html/cgi-bin directory, create a new directory called lab5 (no spaces, all in lowercase!!!!!!). Place your work for this lab sheet into this new directory.


In case the above is not clear, I will show you a demo of my version at the start of the labs.

Exercise B

Write something that uses JavaScript to draw on the canvas. You decide what you wish to tackle. (If you can't decide, then do the spacecraft.)

Here are a few ideas, but feel free to try something of your own:

Store your work in your lab5 directory in three files: exB.html, exB.css and exB.js.

When tackling Exercise B, please do not just copy JavaScript that you find on the Web. The idea is to learn how to program, not how to copy-and-paste. It would be better to try to achieve something and fail, than to hand-up someone else's efforts.


There is no formal submission of this week's exercises. However, for my records, I will run a program that checks to see whether you have done the work or not.