Joint Workshop of the

ERCIM Working Group on Constraints
and the
CologNet area on Constraint and Logic Programming


Constraint Solving and Constraint Logic Programming

Cork Constraint Computation Centre
University College Cork, Ireland.

19th-21st of June, 2002


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The Springer volume of selected papers from the workshop has been published:
Recent Advances in Constraints, Springer LNAI, Vol.2627, Springer, 2003.


This workshop will co-locate two events: the seventh meeting of the ERCIM Working Group on Constraints, co-ordinated by Krzysztof R. Apt, and the first annual workshop of the CologNet area on Constraint and Logic Programming, coordinated by Francesca Rossi. CologNet is a European-funded Network of Excellence, which continues the role played by the CompulogNet network, which ended in 2001.

The aim of this workshop is to constitute a forum where (mostly European) researchers on constraints can meet in an informal setting and discuss their most recent work. The location we chose this year is especially interesting, since the Cork Constraint Computation Centre is a new research centre, supported by Science Foundation Ireland and led by Eugene Freuder, which is entirely devoted to studying constraint processing. Thus the workshop participants will have a unique opportunity to see the centre, meet its members, and possibly start useful collaborations for the future.

This year's workshop is co-organised by:

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This workshop will cover all aspects of constraint and logic programming, with particular emphasis on assessing the current state of the art and identifying future directions.

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Call For Papers

[ Call for Papers in ASCII ]

We would like to invite authors to submit papers (preferably up to 15 pages long in the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) style on research on constraint and logic programming, with particular emphasis on assessing the current state of the art and identifying future directions. Submissions may be of one of the following forms, labelled as such on the title page:

  • a position paper
  • a work in progress paper
  • a standard paper
  • a demo description paper.
Proposals for panels are also encouraged.

The submission deadline is April 20, 2002. Please send an electronic version of the paper, in the form of a Postscript Level 2 or PDF file, to using the subject line ERCIM Workshop Submission.

Authors will be notified of acceptance/rejection by May 5th, 2002. Camera-ready version is due May 20th, 2002.

Depending on the sufficient number of high quality submissions, the organisers plan to publish selected papers in a special volume in an appropriate book series or a special issue of a journal.

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Important Dates

The proposed schedule of important dates for the workshop is as follows:

Paper Submission deadline 20th April 2002
Notification of acceptance 5th May 2002
Workshop registration 15th May 2002
Camera-ready version deadline 20th May 2002
Workshop Dates 19th-21st June 2002

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Registration and Scholarships

There is no registration fee. Particpants are asked to register for the workshop before May 15th 2002 by sending a message to Barry O'Sullivan. The workshop is open to all and not restricted to ERCIM or CologNet members.

Details on accomodation are available. Also information on the location are also available.

Some scholarships will be available to help students with travel expenses. Students who need support should indicate this when submitting their papers.

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Workshop Schedule

The schedule for the workshop is below. Two invited talks have been organised for the workshop:

  Wednesday 19th June
08:45 Registration + Coffee
09:15 Opening Remarks
[ front matter of the working notes ]
  Session 1: Modelling and Solving CSPs
Chair: Barry O'Sullivan
09:30 Reduced Costs for Generating Promising Subproblems
M. Milano and W.J. van Hoeve
[ paper ]
10:00 CGRASS: A System for Transforming Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Alan M. Frisch, Ian Miguel and Toby Walsh
[ paper ]
10:30 A Note on Redundant Rules in Rule-based Constraint Programming
Sebastian Brand
[ paper ]
Coffee Break (11:00-11:30)
  Session 2: Explanations and Constraint Solving
Chair: Barry O'Sullivan
11:30 Meta-Constraints to Aid Interaction and to Provide Explanations
Janet van der Linden
[ paper ]
12:00 Explanations and optimization in preference-based configurators
M. Moretti, F. Rossi, E. Freuder, C. Likitvivatanavong, R. Wallace
[ paper ]
12:30 Morning Panel
Lunch (13:00-14:30)
  Session 3: Invited Talk
Chair: Toby Walsh
14:30 Invited Talk #1 Solve your problem faster by changing the model
Barbara Smith
[ abstract ] [ slides (Powerpoint) ]
Coffee Break (15:45-16:00)
  Session 4: Inference and Constraint Satisfaction
Chair: Eugene C. Freuder
16:00 Domain-Heuristics for Arc-Consistency Algorithms
Marc van Dongen
[ paper ]
16:30 Constraint Processing Offers Improved Expressiveness and Inference for Interactive Expert Systems
James Bowen
[ paper ]
17:00 Evening Panel
18:15 Reception at 4C & Demonstration Session
Food will be served until 19:30
  Thursday 20th June
  Session 5: SAT and 0/1 Encodings of CSPs
Chair: Toby Walsh
09:30 A Study of Encodings of Constraint Satisfaction Problems with 0/1 Variables
Patrick Prosser and Evgeny Selensky
[ paper ]
10:00 A Local Search Algorithm for Balanced Incomplete Block Designs
Steven Prestwich
[ paper ]
10:30 The Effect of Nogood Recording in MAC-CBJ SAT Algorithms
Ines Lynce and Joao Marques-Silva
[ paper ]
Coffee Break (11:00-11:30)
  Session 6: Soft Constraints and Relaxations
Chair: Francesca Rossi
11:30 A Definition of Interchangeability for Soft CSPs
Stefano Bistarelli, Boi Faltings and Nicoleta Neagu
[ paper ]
12:00 Experimental Results in Constraint Relaxation
Walter Hower and Stephan Jacobi
[ paper ]
12:30 Morning Panel
Lunch (13:00-14:30)
  Session 7: Invited Talk
Chair: Francesca Rossi
14:30 Invited Talk #2 Abstract Verification and Debugging of (C)LP Programs
Manuel Hermenegildo
[ abstract ]
Coffee Break (15:45-16:00)
  Session 8: Applications
Chair: Francois Fages
16:00 Constraint-Based Matchmaking: A Personal (Interim) Perspective
Richard J. Wallace
[ paper ]
16:30 Visopt ShopFloor: On the edge of planning and scheduling
Roman Bartak
[ paper ]
17:00 Evening Panel
19:30 Dinner at the Arbutus Lodge
Dinner will be served at 20:00
  Friday 21st June
  Session 9: Distributed and Parallel Constraint Solving
Chair: Krzysztof Apt
09:30 POOC - A Platform for Object-Oriented Constraint Programming
Hans Schlenker and Georg Ringwelski
[ paper ]
10:00 A Coordination-Based Framework for Parallel Constraint Solving
Peter Zoeteweij
[ paper ]
10:30 Dynamic Distributed Constraint Satisfaction with Asynchronous Solvers
Georg Ringwelski and Hans Schlenker
[ paper ]
Coffee Break (11:00-11:30)
  Session 10: Numerical Constraints
Chair: Barry O'Sullivan
11:30 Reasoning on the Properties of Numerical Constraints
Lucas Bordeaux, Eric Monfroy, Frederic Benhamou
[ paper ]
12:00 Comparing OR and CLP Approaches to 2D Angle Cutting and Packing Problems
Tomasz Szczygiel
[ paper ]
12:30 Morning Panel
  Session 11: Wrap-up
Chair: Eugene C. Freuder
13:00 Wrap-up

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