Open Cellular Vehicle To Everything (OpenCV2X) - Mode 4

A 3GPP compliant CV2X Mode 4 Open Source implementation for OMNeT++

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An open source implementation of the 3GPP standard CV2X (Rel 14) Mode 4. It is based on an extended version of the SimuLTE OMNeT++ simulator which enables LTE network simulations.

Two variants are available. The first integrates with the Artery framework to provide full ITS-G5 standardisation across the entire communication stack. The second integrates with Veins only.

If you are testing OpenCV2X for your research and wish to verify that the results you are getting are correct, please download the following zip file which contains plotted PDR results for a low density scenario. It includes all configuration files required to replicate the results.



Two download options are available

Direct: OpenCV2X with Artery Direct: OpenCV2X with Veins

GitHub: OpenCV2X with Artery GitHub: OpenCV2X with Veins
Produced with the support of Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) under Grant No: 17/RC-PhD/3479, and is co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund under Grant 13/RC/2077.