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ITOBO (Information and Communication Technology for Sustainable and Optimised Building Operation)

ITOBO, the SFI Strategic Research Cluster for Sustainable and Optimised Building Operation, will undertake research in Information and Communication Technology that will enable us to develop a holistic, methodological framework for life-cycle oriented information management and decision support in the construction and energy-management sectors. The domain-specific goal is to develop an anticipating (smart) building that operates on an energy efficient and user-friendly basis while reducing its maintenance costs.


Members: Prof. G. Provan, Dr. M. Boubekeur, Marion Bechrens, Alie El-Din Mady, Weiping Song


See Also: Control and Diagnostics Generation for Building Zone Models


Integrated Analysis of System Of Systems
A complex system can be defined as a system of systems, i.e., a collection of systems that work together to achieve complicated tasks.

Members: Prof. G. Provan,  Dr. M. Boubekeur,  Jun Wang,  Margarita Razgon





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