International Workshop on Constraint Solving
Under Change and Uncertainty

Working Notes


Provisional Schedule

2:00 Opening Remarks
2:05 Invited Talk Pascal van Hentenryck
Online Stochastic and Robust Optimization under Time Constraints
2:40 Neil Yorke-Smith and Christophe Guettier
Anytime Behaviour of Mixed CSP Solving
3:05 Arnaud Lallouet, Andrei Legtchenko, Eric Monfroy and AbdelAli Ed-Dbali
Solver Learning for Predicting Changes in Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction Problems
3:30 Coffee Break
4:00 Ying Lu, Lara S. Crawford, Wheeler Ruml, and Markus P.J. Fromherz
Feedback Control for Real-Time Solving
4:25 Cedric Pralet, Gerard Verfaillie and Thomas Schiex
Belief and Desire Networks for Answering Complex Queries
4:50 Discussion Session and Position Papers
  Alfio Vidotto, Kenneth N Brown and J. Christopher Beck
A Controller for Online Uncertain Constraint Handling
Christine Wei Wu, J. Christopher Beck and Kenneth N Brown
Dynamic Vehicle Routing with uncertain Customer Demand
Nicola Policella, Amedeo Cesta, Angelo Oddi, and Stephen F. Smith
Facing Executional Uncertainty through Partial Order Schedules
William S. Havens and Bistra N. Dilkina
The 2-Expert Approach to Online Constraint Solving
5:30 Close

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