Online-2003: Working Notes


Online-2003: Tentative Schedule

2:15 Opening Remarks
2:20 Amedeo Cesta and Riccardo Rasconi
Execution Monitoring and Schedule Revision for O-OSCAR: a Preliminary Report
2:45 John Bresina, Ari Jonsson, Paul Morris and Kanna Rajan
Constraint Maintenance with Preferences and Underlying Flexible Solution
3:10 Francesca Rossi, Brent Venable, and Neil Yorke-Smith
Preferences and Uncertainty in Simple Temporal Problems
3:35 Coffee Break
3:55 Nicola Policella, Stephen F. Smith, Amedeo Cesta and Angelo Oddi
Steps toward Computing Flexible Schedules
4:20 Emmanuel Hebrard, Brahim Hnich and Toby Walsh
Super CSPs
4:45 Discussion Session
5:30 Close

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