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The CARA system aims to improve healthcare through the intelligent use of wireless remote monitoring of patient vital signs, supplemented by rich contextual info and reasoning functions.


About the project

CARA (Context Aware Real-time Assistant) is a 3 years (2010-2013) research project in the MISL research group at University College Cork. It is founded by Science Foundation Ireland.
The phenomenon of an aging society has derived problems such as shortage of medical resources, rising healthcare costs and reduction of quality in healthcare services. Pervasive healthcare aims to alleviate these problems, but many issues remain to be resolved.
The CARA system aims to address these issues in a pervasive long-term healthcare solution, it is design to provide personalized healthcare services for chronic patients in a timely and appropriate manner by adapting the healthcare technology to fit in with normal activities of the elderly and working practices of the caregivers. The current CARA system consists of four parts:

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