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Following a request, powerpoint slides now added on lectures page for graph lectures, to show slide animations.

Edit made to slide 9 in L15, to correct typo in Dijkstra.

The second formal continuous asessment has been issued (Lab 07), and is due in on 4th April.

This box will contain announcements and updates, and so must be checked regularly.

Archived announcements

Further algorithms and data structures.

Lecturer: Ken Brown
Lectures: Tuesday,12:00pm, WGB G08
Thursday, 11:00am, WGB G02
Problem classes: Tuesday, 9:00am--11:00am, WGB G24
Assessment: 80% written exam
20% continuous assessment
Pre-requisites: CS1112 Foundations of Computer Science I
CS1113 Foundations of Computer Science II
CS1117 Programming in Python
(or other modules with similar material, by approval)
Co-requisites: CS2515 Algorithms and Data Structures I
CS2513 Intermediate Programming
(or other modules with similar material, by approval)