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PlanSIG 2004
20th-21st December, 2004
University College Cork, Ireland
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The provisional programme is now available. The workshop will run from 9:25 a.m. Monday 20th December until approximately 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday 21st December.

Accepted Papers

  1. Multi-Agent Plan Repair With DTPs
    Pieter Buzing, Adriaan ter Mors and Cees Witteveen
  2. Handling LTL Formulas in a Plan Graph
    Stephen Cresswell and Alex Coddington
  3. Non-preemptive multiprocessor scheduling of strict periodic systems with precedence constraints
    Liliana Cucu and Yves Sorel
  4. Plan-execution health repair in a multi-agent system
    Femke de Jonge and Nico Roos
  5. How to build towers of abitrary heights
    Debora Field and Allan Ramsay
  6. On the Separation of Propositional and Numeric Planning in Realistic Problems
    Antonio Garrido and Eva Onaindia
  7. Generating Cyclic Plans for Traffic Signals
    T. Grant, H. Strachan and P. Reynolds
  8. Process flow and Operations Management within food processing factories (e-Track)(short paper)
    Muna Hamdi, Alireza Mousavi and Masoor Sarhadi
  9. Validating Plans with Exogenous Events
    Richard Howey, Derek Long and Maria Fox
  10. Exploiting Abstraction for Multi-Agent Planning
    Dionysis Kalofonos and Tim Norman
  11. A Neural Network Model for Flexible Manufacturing Cyclic Scheduling Systems
    Kok Seng Low, M-Tahar Kechadi, Remy Dupas, Gilles Goncalves, and Tiente Hsu
  12. Matching temporal plans in durational contexts with delays
    Eliseo Marzal, Eva Onaindia and Laura Sebastia
  13. Planning to Replan in a Multi-agent Environment (short paper)
    Bryan McEleney and Gregory O'íHare
  14. Planning with Ontological Knowledge
    Fiona McNeill, Alan Bundy and Chris Walton
  15. The identification and exploitation of almost symmetries in planning problems
    Julie Porteous, Derek Long and Maria Fox
  16. A hybrid ant algorithm for scheduling independent jobs in heterogeneous computing environments
    Graham Ritchie and John Levine
  17. Process Design for Efficient Scheduling
    E. Selensky, J. Little and C. Beck
  18. Synthesising domain descriptions from object life histories
    R.M Simpson and T. L. McCluskey
  19. Decomposition in Multi-Agent Planning Systems with an application to logistic problems
    A.W. ter Mors, J.M. Valk and C. Witteveen
  20. Heuristic Initialisation: A Knowledge Level Perspective
    Andrew Tuson
  21. Unrefinement Planning: Extending Refinement Planners with Plan Repair Capabilities
    Roman van der Krogt
  22. Numeric briefcase Domain Metric Optimisation using an EA
    Henrik Westerberg and John Levine