International Workshop on Constraint Solving
under Change and Uncertainty

A CP2005 workshop
Sitges, Spain
October 1st, 2005

Provisional Schedule

9:00   Invited talk: On Mixed Probabilistic and Deterministic Graphical Models
Rina Dechter
9:45   Change and Uncertainty in Temporal CSPs
Kristen Brent Venable and Neil Yorke-Smith
10:05   The Basic Ingredients of a Constraint-based Framework for Decision-making under Uncertainty
Gérard Verfaillie and Cédric Pralet
10:25   Task Management under Change and Uncertainty: Constraint Solving Experience with the CALO Project
Pauline M. Berry, Karen Myers, Tomás E. Uribe, and Neil Yorke-Smith
10:45   Coffee break
11:15   Open, Interactive and Dynamic CSP
Santiago Macho González and Pedro Meseguer
11:35   Optimal Solution Stability in Continuous Time Optimization
Adrian Petcu and Boi Faltings
11:55   The Trading Agent Competition as a test problem for Constraint Solving under Change and Uncertainty
Kenneth N. Brown, David A. Burke, Brahim Hnich, Onur Koyuncu and Armagan Tarim
12:15   Looking for a common scheduling perturbations benchmark
Nicola Policella and Riccardo Rasconi
12:35   Open discussion
13:00   Close

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