Dr. John Herbert's Information Page

Dr. John Herbert

Computer Science Department
University College Cork
Email: j.herbert@cs.ucc.ie
Phone: +353-21-4205925

Room: 1.78 Western Gateway Building
Office Hours: Wednesday: 3-5pm

Teaching Info

University College Cork is provided with the use of VP-UML for educational purpose by the Academic Partner Program from Visual Paradigm.

Current Modules

CS6321 Model-based Software Development

CS6321 pdf directories

CS6320 Formal Methods for Distributed Systems

CS6320 pdf directories

CS6403 Case Studies in Computer Entrepreneurship (ON CANVAS)

CS6403 pdf directories


Current research topics include architectures for pervasive computing applications based on wireless sensor nodes, and various aspects of cloud computing, including efficiency, user interface and data analysis concerns. Projects involve 6 PhD research students and a number of BSc and MSc students.

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