CS1115/CS5002 Lab 6

Continuous Assessment

Read all these instructions first. Yes, I know they're longer than anything you've ever read before in your whole life. But try to read them anyway. Say the words out loud if it helps.

This final lab sheet, lab 6, is a 'project' that will last until the end of term. It is the continous assessment for CS1115/CS5002. It is worth 25% of the overall grade for the module.

Everyone will come up with their own project.

The project will be to build a web site. My recommendation is that you simply do a personal web site, i.e. a web site all about you. But, if you prefer, you could choose something about which you are passionate (e.g. one of your hobbies or an historical figure or your favourite city or your American road-trip).

If the topic of your web site is something real (e.g. an actual person, an actual UCC society), make sure that no issues arise from the fact that your web site will be available on the cs1 server for all-and-sundry to view.

If your web site needs resources such as images, video or audio, then it is your responsibility to ensure that all resources that you use are either owned by you or are licensed for your use. Where required, it is your responsibility too to ensure that proper attribution is included.

In a similar vein, I do not want to receive great swathes of text that have been copied-and-pasted from Wikipedia or other public resources. You are choosing a subject about which you are passionate: write your own text! If there are cases where you must copy-and-paste small amounts of text, use quotation marks and include proper attribution.

You should avoid things that need databases. For example, you should not choose a shop because a shop will store all its product information in a database; you should not choose a social network; you should not choose a dating agency. All of these require programming and databases, rather than just HTML and CSS. Web programming and databases are the subject of CS1116/CS5018 Web Development 2.

By now, you should have checked your chosen topic with me: check it with me now, if you haven't already done so. I will want to be convinced that your topic is ambitious enough to warrant a 'project' that will last until the end of term. (E.g. a single page is unlikely to be ambitious enough unless it is divided into interesting subpages. It might be better to build a multi-page web site.) Remember, this is 25% of the marks for this module.

If you do not agree your topic with me, your topic will be the default topic which, this year, is the Brazilian presidential election.

If you submit a web site whose topic is neither the default nor agreed with me, it will be given a mark of zero.

Once I have agreed it, you can start designing your content, its structure (HTML), and its appearance (CSS).

Don't be tempted to depart from labs before the full two hours are up (if you do, I will mark you absent). Don't be tempted to stop attending labs because the deadline seems so remote. Start designing and writing HTML and CSS NOW.

Grading criteria