CS1115/CS5002 Lab 5

Main exercise: Preliminaries

Students will work under instruction to:

  1. Take a copy of h4h.zip and save it in their public_html directory
  2. Unzip the zip file
  3. Delete the zip file

If you follow the instructions, permissions should be OK. If not, remember it is chmod 604 for files and chmod 705 for directories.

Main exercise: CSS

In your h4h directory, you have a web page (index.html) and a blank stylesheet (styles.css). Use Kate to edit the stylesheet. Be as ambitious as you like (based on how confident you are) but, at a minimum, aim for something a bit like this:

The goal of this exercise
A screenshot of what we're aiming for, at a minimum

Your work will be checked by Derek Bridge some time after Thursday 8th November.

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CS1115/CS5002 Continuous Assessment: Prep

Next week's lab sheet (the final lab sheet, lab sheet 6), will be a 'project' that will last until the end of term. Everyone will come up with their own project. This will be the continous assessment of this module.

The project will be to build a web site. In time for next week, think of the topic of your web site. My recommendation is that you simply do a personal web site, i.e. a web site all about you. But, if you prefer, you could choose something about which you are passionate (e.g. one of your hobbies or an historical figure or your favourite city or your American road-trip).

If the topic of your web site is something real (e.g. an actual person, an actual UCC society), make sure that no issues arise from the fact that your web site will be available on the cs1 server for all-and-sundry to view.

You should avoid things that need databases. For example, you should not choose a shop because a shop will store all its product information in a database; you should not choose a social network; you should not choose a dating agency. All of these require programming and databases, rather than just HTML and CSS. Web programming and databases are the subject of CS1116/CS5018 Web Development 2.

Make sure your chosen topic is ambitious enough to warrant a 'project' that will last until the end of term. (E.g. a single page is unliikely to be ambitious enough unless it is divided into interesting subpages. It might be better to build a multi-page web site.)

You should check your chosen topic with me. You can do this at any point, no later than next week's lab. Once I have agreed it, you can start designing your content, its structure (HTML), and its appearance (CSS).

Bear in mind that there will be more lectures on accessibility, responsive web design, cross-browser compatibility and performance. You can increase your mark by taking on board the material from these lectures along with what we have covered so far.