CS1115/CS5002 Lab 2

HTML tables

In this lab, you will first work under instruction to create an HTML table using the table, tr, th, td and caption tags, along with the rowspan and colspan attributes.

Creating tables in HTML is easier if we use some CSS to draw borders on the table. You will (i) download the following to your public_html folder, (ii) fix its permissions (chmod 604), and (iii) link to it from your web page:

Irish Cheese Board Web Site

Now take copies of these two files and store them in your public_html folder:

Fix their permissions.

You are doing some work for the Irish Cheese Board. Their Public Relations office has created PDF which contains some press releases. They want you to create a web page that has the same content as the PDF.

Your job is to edit the body of icb.html, which you copied into your public_html directory earlier.

icb.html links to styles.css, which you copied into your public_html directory earlier. As before, it draws borders on your HTML tables, which you may find helpful. Do not modify styles.css. Hence, do not concern yourself with issues of appearance such as layout or colour.

Similarly, do not modify the image, icb.jpg.

Your work will be checked by Derek Bridge some time after Monday 8th October.