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Message from Mammy

Hi everybody! I’m delighted to bring you the latest edition of our newsletter, Mammy’s Kitchen.

It’s October already. We’re all well-rested from our Summer vacations, and ready for a new season of cookery clubs, courses and events. Read on! You will find that so much has happened since the last edition.

What’s Cooking?

News from us


Love it or loathe it, social networking is here to stay. And we love it! Hence we are now on Facebook! Please like us!

Wine tasting

Justin, who runs our Wednesday evening classes, is thinking of holding a wine tasting. He promises to prepare some petit fours (whatever they are – we assume they’re French) to accompany le vin (also French). Let us know if you’d be interested in attending.


Marie, who helps Justin run the Wednesday evening classes, is either pregnant or very full of petit fours. She’ll be going on maternity leave in November. We wish her well.

News from you

Graduation success

We’re delighted to learn that one of our former students has won an internship at an international restaurant in Tralee. Reggie Stir completed a course with us in Summer 2012, and he starts at McDonald’s next month. Well done, Reggie.

TV dinners

Mrs Barb Dwyer of Ballincollig wrote to tell us of a fun event. She and her friends planned a week of dinners at each others’ houses – a kind of do-it-yourself version of the TV series Come Dine With Me. What a great idea! Unfortunately, the dinners were abandoned mid-week when all four friends contracted the squits (Latin name Salmonella enterocolitis) from undercooked quail eggs.

Autumn Workshops

How to book: email Prices and times are below.

Day Time Junior Chefs Adult Cooks OAPs
Members Non-members
Wed 6-8 pm €100 €200 €400 €150
Thu 10-12 am €180 €380
6-8 pm €200 €400

You must pay in advance.

This Month’s Recipe: Vegetarian Stew

This month’s recipe has been sent in by Colonel Ollie Aginous from Clonmel. He writes: “This was a great favourite among the boys of my command when we were stationed in the foothills of the Transdanubian Mountains in Hungary. The locals refer to it as pörkölt, but we just called it stew. It’s deliciously warming and only 500 calories” It sounds great, Ollie! Ye all let us know how you get on with it.



  1. Skin the vegetarians. Muffle any screams with the cushion.
  2. Marinade as follows:
    1. Fill a bucket with deer juice;
    2. Dice the vegetarians into the bucket;
    3. Leave overnight, somewhere away from the cat.
  3. Heat down your pants for 40 minutes.

Serving suggestion

Serve with potatoes or rice and a colourful vegetable such as a bright pink cauliflower.

Garnish with a sprig of something spriggy and a little grated badger.