CS First-Year Mentoring Scheme

The Department operates a mentoring scheme help incoming students acclimatize to university life. Each student is assigned a member of the academic staff of the department as a mentor as a source of advice and support on matters related to their studies and university life generally. Students meet their mentors initially at the beginning of the academic year and again periodically at various stages throughout the year.

The following document contains the names of mentors assigned to each student and their office numbers (all in WGB). It is arranged by student id number.

If you have forgotten your id number already, teaching staff for CS1109 have a hard copy of the list arranged alphabetically by name. The departmental office also has a copy of this list. If your name is not on the list, contact the degree coordinator, Dr Kieran Herley, who will assign one to you. The departmental webpage also contains contact details of all staff should you need to contact your mentor outside of the normal scheduled meetings.

Your initial meeting with your mentor should take place next week on Wednesday 3 October 2012 during the window 9:30-11am. The introductory cs1106 lecture scheduled for Wednesday morning will be shortened to accommodate this. Some mentors may have other commitments at that time, but will place a notice on their doors to indicate an alternative time when they will be available. If you are unable to meet your mentor during the time indicated above (or the alternatives specified by your mentor), you could contact your mentor by email to arrange a time to meet.

During your first meeting, your mentor will outline the scheme, discuss the pattern of future meetings and indicate how to get in touch with him in the event of issues that may arise between scheduled meetings that you may need to discuss.