CS4983: Object-Oriented Design Assignment 1999-2000

The task

Design and implement a Java application that offers mail-merge functionality.

What is required is a Java application that has a graphical user interface. (Java applets, Java servlets or programs written wholly or partly in languages other than Java, for example, are not acceptable. Console I/O is also not acceptable.)

Minimal functionality is:

But, you should design and implement a program of more than minimal functionality if you want to aim for higher marks. (The additional functionality is up to you but it should, of course, all be related to convenient authoring and bulk-sending of email.)

Marks will be awarded for all aspects of software quality.

Further instructions

The documentation must be typed and the pages must be fastened in a way that does not obscure any of the text.

  • Deadline: 5 p.m., Thursday 23rd March 2000.

  • Submission arrangements: You may either hand your documentation to me in my office or, at your own risk, you may leave it in an envelope in my pigeon-hole in the Departmental Office.

    If any part of the submission is not handed-up or cannot be auto-collected (e.g. due to incorrect directory naming), your team will score zero.

  • Warning: Bear in mind that all email in the Department is traceable. You should, therefore, use your program to send email to yourself and the other member of your team, but to no-one else.
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