The TCP/IP Protocol Suite: TCP

Derek Bridge

Department of Computer Science,
University College Cork

The TCP/IP Protocol Suite: TCP



The TCP/IP Protocol Suite

The Internet uses several dozen protocols, referred to collectively as the TCP/IP Protocol Suite or just TCP/IP in honour of the two key protocols:

The Tranmission Control Protocol (TCP)
This protocol is about reliable data transmission
The Internet Protocol (IP)
This protocol is about routing

The Layers of the TCP/IP Protocol Suite

[Diagram showing many of the protocols of the TCP/IP Protocol Suite.] Diagram of TCP/IP Protocols from The TCP/IP Guide by Charles M. Kozierok

Circuit-Switching versus Packet-Switching

Circuit-Switching versus Packet-Switching

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

TCP segments

Each TCP segment will consist of two parts:

Class exercise: How does this help the recipient cope when segments arrive out of order? What about duplicate segments?

Why segments might get lost

TCP's sliding window acknowledgment system

Class exercise:Why is this not sufficient? (Two reasons)

TCP's sliding window acknowledgment system

Class exercise: We've seen how to handle duplicates. But why might they occur? (Two reasons)

TCP's sliding window acknowledgement system

Why segments might get corrupted


TCP's checksums


Suppose all seems well: your checksum is correct.

Class exercise: Give examples of ways the data could be corrupted without affecting the checksum

The User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

TCP versus UDP

Class exercise: TCP or UDP?