Zuppa Inglese

An Italian take on a traditional trifle.

Type: dessert

Source: http://www.brics.dk/~amoeller/XML/transformation/recipes.html

Serves: One greedy b*st*rd or a family of six

Nutritional information

Calories:612 Fat:49% Carbohydrates45% Protein4% Alcohol2%



  1. Warm up the milk in a nonstick sauce pan
  2. In a large bowl beat the egg yolks with the sugar, add the flour and combine the ingredients until well mixed.
  3. Add the milk, a little bit at the time to the egg mixture, mixing well.
  4. Put the mixture into the sauce pan and cook it on the stove at a medium low heat. Mix the cream continuously with a wooden spoon. When it starts to thicken remove it from the heat and pour it on a large plate to cool off.
  5. Stir the cream now and then so that the top doesn't harden.
  6. Dip quickly both sides of the lady fingers in the liquor. Layer them one at the time in a glass bowl large enough to contain 7 biscuits.
  7. Spread 1/3 of the cream and repeat the layer with lady fingers. Finish with the cream.
  8. Refrigerate for at leats 4 hours.

To serve: Before serving decorate the zuppa inglese with whipped cream.

The dessert will set better if refrigerated overnight.