CS1102 Lab 6

The next few weeks

This is a bigger worksheet than usual, which will occupy you for the next few weeks. Be aware though that we will continue to issue (shorter) additional lab sheets on a weekly basis.

The goal is to produce a personal web site. It must be high-quality, multi-page and your own original work. Put some personality into it!

Pages might cover: interests, hobbies, the Computer Science degree, your home town,...or anything really! You decide.

Take into account everything we've covered:

Initially put your work for this lab into a new folder cs1102\lab6. Your home page should be in a file called index.html. You can decide what to call the other files.

Once you have finished, publish your web site. In other words, copy the files (not the lab6 folder itself) into your public_html folder. Delete (or move) any files that we developed during Induction Week.

To ensure that you have published correctly, ask a friend to visit your web site and try out the links.

Deadline: 1pm, Tuesday 8th January.

To submit, you must zip your lab6 folder, like you did for lab 4. This will create lab6.zip, and it is this (not lab6) that you must submit. Choose LAB6 when prompted.

Open Day! We will use the two lab sessions on Tuesday 8th January as a kind of Open Day during which you will show your web site to your colleagues, to me, and to anyone else who is interested. Come to both labs, if possible.

In your normal lab hour, grab a machine, bring up your web site and show it to anyone who wants to see it. Your attendance at this session will contribute to your grade for the work (unless absence is for a proper reason and covered by documentary evidence).

Use the other hour to go around the room and see the web sites of your colleagues.

We might have some spot prizes. (Yes, I've still got some worthless book tokens left over.)

There's no challenge exercise because the main exercise is so open-ended.