CS1102 Lab 2

This week's work

This lab helps you to master CSS a little bit more. Put your work in a new folder called lab2 (all lowercase), which you should create inside your cs1102 folder.

The following content is provided:

In your lab2 folder, you must create an html file, timetable.html (all lowercase) and a CSS stylesheet, timetable.css. Use a copy of template.html from lab 1 to start you off.

The goal is to create a beautiful web version of your timetable.

You can validate your XHTML, like you did for lab 1: http://validator.w3.org/

It is also possible to validate the CSS that you have written for this week's lab. Visit the W3C's CSS Validation Service in order to do this: http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/.

Deadline: 5pm, Monday 22nd October.

To submit, you must first zip your lab2 folder. How? Right-click on the folder; choose 'Send To'; choose 'Compressed (zipped) Folder'. (If a little question pops-up, click Yes.) This will create lab2.zip, and it is this (not lab2) that you must submit.

To submit: on the CS1102 Labs page, click on the link that says 'Submit the work you have done for a lab', and follow the instructions. In particluar, don't be put off by the stuff about 'Certificates'. Choose CS1102 and LAB2 when prompted.

(Since this is our first submission of a zipped file, don't get upset about any difficulties you experience when submitting the work. I will be very understanding, and we will sort out problems in the lab on the 23rd.)

Challenge exercise

There's no separate challenge exercise this week. The main exercise is sufficiently open-ended to keep you fully occupied! E.g. you could add labs to the timetable, and you could introduce interesting colour coding for different activities, etc.

And so let's have a competition. The best web timetable will win one of my worthless book vouchers. Furthermore, the winner's timetable will be included on the First Year Computer Science web site.

Judges' decision (well, actually my decision) is final.