CS6120 Lab 01

In this lab, we'll be working first in teams of three, and then together as a class.

Team work

  1. Form a team with the people sitting next to you.
  2. Together, visit the IMDb web site: http://imdb.com/. Browse the web site and list the functions it offers to help users find movies they'd like to watch. (There is no need to register.) (15 mins)
  3. Try to find a movie to watch tonight. As much as possible, the movie you select should be one that all members of your team think they'll enjoy. It must also be a movie that no one in the team has seen before. Record the steps you took in finding this movie (both off-line steps as well as on-line steps); record the movies you considered; and record your final decision. (15 mins)

Class work

As a class, we'll discuss what you learned during the team work. We'll be interested to see: what strategy you used; how successful the final decision was; which of IMDb's functions you found useful; what functions you think are missing from IMDb; and so on.