X. Wu, K.N. Brown, C.J. Sreenan. Analysis of Smartphone User Mobility Traces for Opportunistic Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks. Elsevier Journal on Pervasive and Mobile Computing, accepted for publication July 2013.

The increasing ubiquity of smartphones coupled with the mobility of their users will allow the use of smartphones to enhance the operation of wireless sensor networks. In addition to accessing data from a wireless sensor network for personal use, and the generation of data through participatory sensing, we propose the use of smartphones to collect data from sensor nodes op- portunistically. For this to be feasible, the mobility patterns of smartphone users must support opportunistic use. We analyze the dataset from the Nokia Mobile Data Challenge, and we identify the significant patterns, including strong spatial and temporal locality. These patterns should be exploited when designing protocols and algorithms, and their existence supports the proposal for opportunistic data collection.