Suggested new material for CS2509 in Autumn 2015 (password required)

CS2509 -- Academic Year 2014-15


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The instructor for this course in 2014-2015 is James Bowen .

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Teaching PeriodLecture Slides
Autumn 2014   Download Powerpoint slides
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Fridays: 1PM to 2PM in Lab G24


Here is a list of suggested exercises.

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Login to Moodle and see the assignment specification on the page for CS2509.

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Test Papers

Sample Test Paper

Sample test paper

Answer to sample test paper

Test Paper this year

Test 1 ... ...
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Mock Paper and Past Examination Paper(s)

Mock exam paper

Here is a mock examination which was prepared to show the style of questions to the people who took this module the first time it was delivered (in 2009-2010).

Summer exam paper

Here is the Summer 2010 paper.

Pointers to some other resources

The list of useful resources has been moved. It is now here.

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