AICS 2008 Programme


The programme of the conference is available [ click here ].

Accepted papers (oral presentation)

A Study of Adaptive Restarting Strategies for Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems

Diarmuid Grimes

Symmetry Breaking by Nonstationary Optimisation

Steve Prestwich, Brahim Hnich, Roberto Rossi and S. Armagan Tarim

Modelling Antivirus Defence Strategies in Scale Free Networks

Declan Mungovan, Enda Howley and Jim Duggan

Analogical Reasoning helps learning of unknown similar concepts: the use of Analogies between Categories in Category Learning

Cesare Bianchi and Fintan Costello

Ontology-Based Query Recommendation as a Support to Image Retrieval

Olga Murdoch, Lorcan Coyle and Simon Dobson

A new approach to solving dynamic constraint satisfaction problems

Richard Wallace, Diarmuid Grimes and Eugene Freuder

Spam User Detection: Problem Definition and Strategy Analysis

Mi Zhang and Neil Hurley

Sweetening the Dataset: Using Active Learning to Label Unlabelled Datasets

Rong Hu, Brian Mac Namee and Sarah Jane Delany

Minimally Complete Retrieval in Recommender Systems

David McSherry

Active Learning for Multi-Label Image Annotation

Mohan Singh, Padraig Cunningham and Eoin Curran

Community Finding in Large Social Networks Through Problem Decomposition

Anand Narasimhamurthy, Derek Greene, Neil Hurley and Padraig Cunningham

A Study of Evaluation Metrics for Recommender Algorithms

Jennifer Redpath, Mary Shapcott, sally mcclean and Liming Chen

A Hybrid Model for Optimizing Gas Storage Utilisation

Alan Holland

Using Case-based Reasoning in an Algorithm Portfolio for Constraint Solving

Eoin O'Mahony, Emmanuel Hebrard, Alan Holland, Conor Nugent and Barry O'Sullivan

Towards Category Management for Combinatorial Auctions

Chenjie Zhu, Alan Holland and Barry O'Sullivan

Satisfiability as a Classification Problem

David Devlin and Barry O'Sullivan

An Analysis of Adaptive GA Operators for Genotypic Diversity Maintenance

Brian Mc Ginley, Fearghal Morgan and Colm O'Riordan

Evolution of Stable Societies and Social Structures for Computer Games: An Analysis of Static versus Dynamic Environments

Alan Cunningham and Colm O'Riordan

A Hybrid Evolutionary Approach to Forest Management

Conor Nugent, Dara Curran, Steve Prestwich and James Little

A Data-Driven Exploration of Factors Affecting Student Performance in a Third-Level Institution

Michael Madden, William Lyons and Ita Kavanagh

A Recommender System Approach to Enhance Web Search and Query Formulation

Michael O'Mahony, Maeve O'Brien, Oisin Boydell and Barry Smyth

accepted papers (poster presentation)

A New Method for Bootstrapping an Automatic Text Classification System Utilizing Public Library Resources

Arash Joorabchi and Hussain Mahdi.

Finding Efficient Dispatching Rules using Optimisation and Simulation

Roman van der Krogt and James Little

AUTOPILOT: Simulating Changing Concepts in Real Data

Patrick Lindstrom, Sarah Jane Delany and Brian Mac Namee

A Game Theoretic Analysis of Shared Natural Gas Storage Facilities

Alan Holland

The Ambient Calendar

Owen Phelan, Lorcan Coyle, Graeme Stevenson and Steve Neely

Using Genetic Programming to Learn Strategies for an Abstract Real-time Strategy Game

David Keaveney and Colm O'Riordan

Reactive-Deliberative Mechanisms for Emotional Intelligent Agent Architecture

Christopher Hanna, Ray Hickey, Darryl Charles and Michaela Black

Mining and Modelling Topic Diffusion in On-line Communities

Conor Hayes, John Breslin and James Duggan.