The first ASIS&T European Workshop will be held at University College Cork, Cork, Ireland on the 1st and 2nd of June 2011. Organized by the European Chapter of ASIS&T, it is an ideal cross-disciplinary forum to present and encounter work by research students in the fields of information, library and computer science. The workshop will offer a unique networking opportunity where ideas and research can be discussed with fellow future luminaries of the field.

While all are welcome to submit, research Masters and PhD students as well as early stage researchers and practitioners in particular, are invited to submit research and position papers describing on the general topic of 'Digital Information and its User'. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to

A travel stipend will be available to students that have had a paper accepted and are presenting that paper. The stipend will offset vouched travel costs of up to a maximum of 100 euros. The recipient must be a registered graduate student.

University College Cork is situated in Cork, Ireland. Founded in 1845, the University has grown to cater for a student population of 19,269 through four colleges. More about the University's significant attractions can be found at UCC's Virtual Campus Tour site.

Important Dates


The workshop will be held at the Western Gatway Building on Western Road, Cork. The building is marked on the map found here.